with this blog i bundle part of artistic information circulating my working environment. in ‘ABOUT’ you can find some notes regarding my cv, please scroll down further.

                           (c) tim breyvogel

i am a performer working at the interface between daily life, routine and art. i choreograph, direct, perform and produce with other artists and people. sometimes i teach and i have a generous interest in exchanging knowledge and neuroses. my main artistic focus is on body-movement, dedicated to its daily life in public spaces and the inalienable appearance of breath and voice with it.

i was born in 1978, i started with classical theatre studies (master of performing arts at university for music and performing arts graz) and continued to develop work on body-movement with theatre de l ange fou/London and laboratorio permanente di ricerca sull attore/Turin. i hang out with other dancers, clowns, musicians, performers and thinkers and transform urgent thoughts into funny or serious performances. if you need more references about me, do not hesitate to write me an email (see contact).

i work in teams in varying collaborations, recently durational with veza maria fernandez ramos (www.veza.at) and red noses austria.


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