…12th/13th/14th + 18th/19th/20th of April performance WENN AUGE MUND WIRD in vienna. i am outside-eying a chimerical tanztheater in vienna with veza fernandez ramos. sara sternat. denice bourbon. magdalena gasser. lina gärtner. andrea gunnlaugsdottir. lau lukkarila. marta navaridas. olive schellander. stefanie sourial. sarah sternat. teresa vittucci. elizabeth ward.


…6th of June performance with REIKO YAMADA in the frame of STEIRISCHER ORGELFRÜHLING.


…WHAT ABOUT YOUR LONELINESS? A performance about loneliness in cities. I am developing a site-specific piece with my partner in crime Johannes Schrettle, in possible collaboration with KRILA (Rijeka) and Theater im Bahnhof (Graz) as well as under umbrella of MAKE A MOVE and Rijeka 2020. All is still up in the air regarding funding. I keep this NEWS updated.




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