…27th of September, performance ES IST EIN SCHWINGEN with Share Your Darlings in Festival Werkstatt 2.18.


…27th-29th of November, performance DIE NOTE (Christina Lederhaas) & STAY IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW (Johannes Schrettle)CAFE WOLF, Graz. More info soon.


(c) Wolfgang Dekeyser


…18th-21st of December, performance NOT FAR with composer Slobodan Kajkut , Berlin & Munich. More info soon.


…16th-19th of January 2019, performance SOME PRESSURES with Veza Maria Fernandez at Theater am Lend/Graz, more info soon.


…WHAT ABOUT YOUR LONELINESS? A performance about loneliness in cities. I am developing a site-specific piece with my partner in crime Johannes Schrettle, in possible collaboration with KRILA (Rijeka) and Theater im Bahnhof (Graz) as well as under umbrella of MAKE A MOVE and Rijeka 2020. MAKE A MOVE just got a EU-Grant, the rest is still up in the air. I keep this NEWS updated.




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